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Urban Ashes by waterpieces

The first thing that became clear when I first viewed this is that she's a drawing, and that I appreciate deeply since it would be all too easy to just add in a real child in there. The contrast between (more)real and drawing actually adds to the piece, in my opinion. Still, she looks amazingly drawn; even if I can't analyze this on a higher resolution, I'm still able to notice a great level of detail was put into it. I especially like the dirt on her feet and the lighting on her dress. I'm not too sure about the pose, however. Though I do think she's just covering her face with the back of her hand (as would anyone), the lack of any facial features and the way the hair is divided makes it a bit hard to confirm. If that wasn't your intention, the mere addition of a hint of an eyebrow would put the thought to rest. Finally, the wing on the wall - your main idea I believe - was a really good one, especially by the fact the paint is dripping, which I think reflects the girl's situation - angelic, yet broken by one or more events in her life. Excellent work, very good idea and execution
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